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Cheyce Technology is the de facto leader providing vendor-independent, storage management and data protection products that give comprehensive visibility into large-scale storage environments.
There are always many solutions to a problem. Cheyce Technology believes that finding and deploying the solution that best meets the needs of our customer's business is our value proposition.
Cheyce Technology provides the most efficient way to manage data growth while solving your biggest IT challenges around information protection and availability.
Cheyce Technology is a premier IT systems integrator, Cheyce Technology has over 16 years of experience providing customers with best-in-class technology solutions. Offering a consultative approach to fulfilling your unique computing needs, Cheyce Technology is committed to earning our place as a trusted partner to our clients by providing the highest level of service, value, and advanced technology.
Unique in today's corporate world, Cheyce Technology is both private and profitable with no outside investors.  A financially stable computing technology provider, Cheyce Technology has remained profitable every year since the company’s founding in 1998. With a goal of continually improving customer service through awareness of our customer’s needs, Cheyce Technology consistently ranks over 96% in customer satisfaction surveys. Customers confidently rely on Cheyce Technology to solve technology issues on time and to remain within budget.
Our customers expect the best when they call Cheyce Technology to assist, so every consultant has at least 15 years of experience in enterprise environments when they come on board. Cheyce Technology insists on staffing top professionals, and is comprised of a uniquely excellent staff where each individual has the experience and professionalism that allows them to function with little management intervention.
Because our products are vendor-independent, our customers call us their third party source of truth. Our storage management and data protection products enable you to collect and analyze data -- across products, across facilities and across continents, providing you with accurate reports and no hidden agendas.
We refer to our customers as partners because our most successful stories come from customers that consider Cheyce Technology an extension of their own organization. We appreciate and are proud to be as valuable to their organization as they are to Cheyce Technology.
There are always many solutions to a problem.  We believe that finding and deploying the solution that best meets the needs of our customer’s business is our value proposition.
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